Enabling Growth - LET US HELP YOU

* Factoring Bookkeeping

* Bookkeeping in tandem with Buildlogic

* MYOB AccountRight Live
* MYOB Setup & Customisation of your              invoices etc.
* MYOB Essentials
* MYOB Essentials Setup & Customisation

  of your invoices etc.
* Xero
* Xero Setup & Customisation of your               invoices etc.
* Accounts Payable and Receivable
* Payroll and payslips
* FBT – annual reconciliation
* Bank Reconciliation
* Superannuation
* BAS and IAS preparation
* End of Financial year rollover in MYOB
* Liaison with your accountant


* Looking after your insurances
* Digital transcription services
* General Correspondence
* Engineering / Construction documents
* Investigation reports
* Manuals & Reports
* Setting up meetings

* Looking after your insurances
* Organising travel
* Resume & Letters of Application
* Anything else you need help with

* Leave your filing at our place

* Telephone support to help you                    understand your Accounting Packages


Saving You Money

Our virtual office setup allows business owners to work from any location using today's technology.

We are your central contact point.
A virtual office can provide significant savings and flexibility compared to renting a traditional office space.


Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Contact us to see which of our services best meet your needs take up our

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Alleviating Stress

Scenario 1 - You're a sole trader you need help with keeping your books in order on a monthly basis - you either have nothing setup in the cloud just on an excel spreadsheet or you have started working in an accounting program which you don't really understand, you are worrying about how to get things organised and all your reports to the ATO?

Solution: We can take over the program for you and work on it remotely for you or we will set you up on a cashbook system either in Xero or MYOB and organise bank feeds to come into the program - you will just have to send us monthly statements to reconcile against - and we will be able to complete all of your ATO reporting for you.

Pricing - either select one of our Fixed rate plans or hourly rate which ever suits you the best

Scenario 3 - You're an established business, you don't want the cost of running your own office, but you need someone to issue your invoices for you, pay your suppliers invoices, pay your employees / subcontractors look after the bookkeeping, insurances and filing for you and possibly take phone calls for you.


Solution:  You can outsource all of your needs to us and we can run your business from our place.  Of course you will access to the accounting package etc and we liaise on a regular basis with you.


You will send all of your documentation to us on a monthly basis and we will file and store it at our place until you are ready to collect it.


Pricing - either select one of our Fixed rate plans or hourly rate which ever suits  you the best.

Scenario 2 - You're running your business from your own office - you need someone to come into your office either 1 or 2 days a week to do the bookkeeping, pay your employees, sort out the filing, work out your WC payments, take calls etc.

Solution: You can employ us as a subcontrator.








Pricing - at an hourly rate.